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The Broken Story: A dog that saved a coffee shop, a village, and the woman who started it all

Mary (Frankei) Maczko of Beach Dreams Market did not want another animal to take care of on her farm. Three horses, eight goats, 20-some chickens, one dog, one big pig, and a cat felt like plenty. But then, a little Frenchie puppy came into her life at a time she was feeling most broken.

He was a gift. A gift from someone who loved her, but hurt her beyond words, and yet also a gift from some larger benevolent force. The person who bought the puppy for Frankei was willing to put down an enormous deposit to get a designer dog, but Frankei couldn't stand the idea of spending over $4000 on a puppy. All her other animals are rescues, after all. At the breeder’s, she looked around at all the fancy little puppies playing together, then noticed one who was separated from the rest, his ears bound up with tape. His ears came out a little floppy-- NOT the Frenchie “look,” and had to be separated from his litter mates so they wouldn't chew the tape off.

So Frankei asked “How much for the broken one?” and the breeder agreed to discount the pup. As soon as Frankei and the little broken clearance dog got in the car, she took the tape off his ears. He was perfect, just the way he was.

In honor of his humble origins, he was named Broken.

Not long after bringing Broken Maczko home, Frankei saw Dragon, her 32-year-old horse, laying in the pasture. He seemed to be soaking up the sun, but soon it became clear something was very wrong. Dragon was dying.

Frankie rushed to his side and pulled his head into her lap. She had been away on vacation for the previous couple of weeks, with her farm left in the care of a friend. Dragon lost more and more weight as he ate less and less, but the situation didn't appear dire at first. He held out those long two weeks without his mama Frankei. It was like he waited for her to come home before he could pass away. The whole day, Frankei and Dragon sat in the field together and talked about the good memories they had. Frankei's friends were close by, taking care of her and her house as she stayed with Dragon. Then, someone said, hey, go get the puppy.

Broken was carried into the field where Dragon laid. Dragon was becoming more and more lethargic as the day wore on. He stopped eating the treats Frankei gave him. He barely moved. But, here came Broken. The two saw each other-- one old dying horse, and one tiny, wrinkly new puppy-- and a connection was made. Dragon lifted his head, curious about the puppy, and as someone held Broken close to Dragon so they could smell each other, Broken kissed Dragon on the nose.

A vet was called in to ease Dragon's passing. In honor of sweet Dragon, Broken took his name as well and became Broken Dragon Maczko. It wasn't until later that Frankei realized she had given her puppy the same initials as her coffee shop-- Beach Dreams Market.

After several different kinds of crises–from Dragon’s death, to a cancer scare, to an eight-goat-pregnancy scare, and two employees quitting without notice–Frankei dusted herself off and opened Beach Dreams Market back up, 7 days a week. Broken almost always in tow.

Now the frenchie pup is the new Beach Dreams’ mascot. When you come to the shop, Broken is either ready to meet you at the door, sleeping in the closet, or already administering healing puppy love to one or many of his adoring fans. Little dog, big heart. Broken boy, and Mr. Fix-it. In these turbulent times, we’re all feeling a little broken. We’re so lucky to have a little love-puppy to remind us that being broken doesn’t mean we can’t keep healing.

Peace and Puppy Love– A Happy Broken Village

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