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Do you love sugar scrubs, but are tired of all that oily residue that you can get with your average scrubs? Do you want to use them on your face but find them to be far to course??


Fear not for Beach Dreams has found the perfect solution. Our sugar scrubs are combined with a gentle mostiurizing product that laothers just like soap in the bath tub. Our scrubs are great to use in the shower, soft enough to use on your face, and tough enough to work on your feet. A quarter size can do your entire body. And with the mostiurizer built in your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth. 


Scents Available


  • Guy- Gentle manly scent, perfect for that guy in your life


  • Kumquat- A fruity citrusy aroma, leaves you feeling energized. 


  • Peach Gardenia- A sweet gentle, peachy and flowery amora. 


  • Lemongrass- Earthy meets Lemon


  • Aloe Green Tea- Soft natural earthy scent


  • Patuchouli- Strong Earthy scent, you either love it or hate it, great for focus


  • Sweet on Paris- Sweet feminine scent of sugar and flowers.


  • Pumpkin Spice- Spicey pumpkin, cinnamon, and ginger oh my!


  • Lime- Strong Citrus aroma of limes, perfect for feeling energetic.


  • Coconut- Cremey and Coconuty, like you never left the beach.


  • Orange- Sweet sweet citrus and orange aroma.


  • Lavender- Gentle, calming, great for relaxing


  • Lavnender & Vanilla- A calming blend of soft lavender and gentle vanilla


  • Lovespell- Your falling under lovespell with this sweet flowery aroma.


  • Fresh Ginger Lime- This soft gentle scent leaves you feeling refreshed

Sugar Scrubs